Inspection is all about checking that something has been made correctly and meets a specification.

The core business of our company is inspection, namely being leak testers for testing plastic container from 10Ml to 1000L with the Profile Solutions leak testers, which we have exported to 38 countries to date.

Plus, we also have vision systems from Longhouse machinery.
Vision systems for cap checking from VNS Taiwan

VNS also offer vision systems for inspection of Plastic and metal caps, PET preform inspection, plastics and metal parts, automotive parts, Inspection of In-mould labelled products, plus inspecting packaging.

  • Profile Solutions made by us, world leading technology , exported to 37 countries since 1993.
  • Up to 18000 tests per hour on 1 head on very small bottles achieved.

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The leading edge of Gravimetric blending. From individual blenders, to complete material handling turnkeys systems from a single machine to a complete factory with unparalleled material usage monitoring options.

Profile Solutions is TSM’s authorized representative in Canada and an authorized reseller in the USA.

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The inspection process helps in controlling quality standards at a manufacturing facility by identifying & fixing the source of defects immediately. This process improves productivity & product quality. It also helps in reducing defect rates, re-works & wastage of raw materials.

The core business of Profile Solutions USA is to provide clients with inspection solutions. In other words, we are leak-testers suppliers and equip our clients with vision systems solutions.


What are Leak Testers?

Leak testers are specialized machinery & equipment to identify & locate liquid and gas leaks (if any) in a product. They are also used to analyze & determine the cause of the leak, its composition & the degree of the leak.

The equipment uses several parameters such as visible indicators, ultrasonic waves, sound, and flame ionization to detect the presence of leaks & determine the other factors. They are also used to examine flow rates, locate excess liquids or gas, and change in pressure.

Benefits of Introducing Leak Testers

There are several benefits to introducing leak testers in your unit, some of which are listed here.

  • Guarantees better compliance with quality standards
  • Easy to perform & cost-effective
  • It is time-saving, accurate & hassle-free
  • The performance & resolution of these testers are easily adaptable to almost every industry.
  • The equipment is either handled automatically using a PLC or a dedicated operator.
  • The reports generated by the leak detection system are further collected & managed by a dedicated engineer or operator to identify problem points in the production line.

How Does It Work?

The design and engineering of a leak tester depend on the specific conditions it will test. Most leak testers are mobile for easy leak detection, even in compact spaces or complex product designs.

While most leak testing mechanisms heavily depend on the operator, several systems operate independently. For instance, a system designed to test a leak in water will automatically monitor even the minutest changes in atmospheric pressure in case of a leak.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision or vision systems are the methods, processes, technologies, actions, software & hardware products, integrated systems, and expertise used to implement procedures such as automatic inspection based on imaging. The method of providing machine vision solutions involves charting out the details of the project & its various requirements and then creating a solution to cater to those requirements.


The inspection process starts with the imaging stage and the next step is an automated analysis of the images. The system then extracts information from its image analysis & provides a detailed report acquired from applications like robot guidance, automatic inspection & process control.

Benefits of Introducing Vision Systems

Some of the benefits of introducing machine vision are listed below.

How Does It Work?

Most vision systems are customized to suit the specific needs & applications of the production line. However, most systems have a similar underlying principle. We can break down the workings of such a system into the following steps.

Our Vision Systems & Leak Tester Services

Profile Solutions USA is one of the leading vision systems & leak testers suppliers in the USA. Our core business is to provide leak testing solutions for plastic containers ranging from 10 mL to 1000 L with Profile Solutions Leak Testers. To date, we have exported our leak testers to over 37 countries.

We also provide vision systems from Longhouse machinery. We also deliver cap-checking vision systems straight from VNS Taiwan for inspection of plastic & metal caps. We also equip our clients with vision systems to inspect automotive parts, PET preforms, in-mold labeled products, packaging, and plastic & metal parts.


Made by us, Profile Solutions is a world leader in inspection technology. And since 1993, we have exported our solutions to over 37 countries.


Leak Testing Equipment from Profile Solutions

The instruments available provide traveling head solutions with 1 to 4 heads for over thirty-five thousand bottles in an hour.

  • Solutions to test containers from 10 mL to 1000 L
  • Multi-head in-line machines
  • Two platforms (6 LD and 30 LD) with 1 to 7 heads


Profile Solutions is TSM Controls’ official representative in Canada and we are their authorized resellers in the United States of America.

TSM Controls is a world leader in Gravimetric Blending. We provide our clients with a range of solutions that include individual blenders, turnkey systems for complete material handling from a single machine to an entire factory, and other monitoring options for unparalleled material usage.

The Products

Revealed at the 2019 K-Show Plastics Fair, the TSM Opti-Mix “Mark-II” range of gravimetric blenders entered the global market in 2020.

  • Based on the ‘Gain in Weight’ principle
  • Preset blend ratios entered via the microprocessor controller
  • Each component gets separately metered in a single weigh hopper that measures & controls the materials’ weight.
  • The blend gets dropped into a mixing chamber for homogenization.
  • It then gets flood fed into the user’s equipment.
The Benefits:
  • Up to 5000 kg/hr throughput capabilities
  • iNsight data acquisition compatibilit.
  • Order reporting facilities are comprehensive.
  • Dosing ranges between 0.5% to 100%
  • 7” color touchscreen user interface

Find Trusted Vision Systems & Leak Tester Suppliers in the USA

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