Conveying is about moving items from point to another. We offer many solutions.

  • Profileflex conveyors are 100% flex link identical and can be used for spare parts, additions and whole new projects. We mainly supply them for bottle transport but we can offer a lot more. Used in food as well. We have aluminium and stainless-steel systems.
  • Profile Solutions also makes mat top conveyors.
  • Productive Systems offer a high-quality airveyor for the transport of PET bottles.
  • Productive Systems also offer pallet conveyors, driven roller conveyors, storage conveyor systems. Learn more here.
  • Plus we have Hong’s massive range of modular belts for many applications.
  • Side griper conveyors for transferring between conveyors are a new edition.

Productive Systems – High speed bagging machines, Palletising, Airveyor and lots of other bits.

  • High speed bagging machines for plastic bottles.
  • High Speed Palletising machines.

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  • High Quality modular conveyor system.
  • 100% dimensioanlly identical to flexlink.

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Conveying Machines in the USA

Conveying machines are mechanical handling equipment that is utilized in manufacturing & production units for transporting goods from one place to another, effortlessly. The machines allow for quick & efficient handling of transportation for a very wide range of materials & products. These machines have widespread applications across various industries because of their many benefits.

Profile Solutions USA is a trusted conveyor machine supplier. We provide our clients with solutions tailored to fit their specific needs.


What Is A Conveyor System?

A conveyor system is a common transportation mechanism used in manufacturing & production units across all industries. The most common use of this standard mechanical equipment is to move goods & materials with minimal effort.

There are various types of conveyor machines that find application in almost every industry. This equipment is used in industrial manufacturing units, food & beverage, retail, paper production, pharmaceutical & medical industries, and more. Some of the most common applications of this machinery are material handling & distribution, warehousing, parts drying & finishing, goods receiving & shipping, and packaging.

How Do They Work?

Although a conveyor machine looks fairly simple, it requires complicated thought, design, and engineering. Most conveyor machines commonly consist of a frame supported by a belt, wheels, rollers, automated levels, gears, magnets, brushes, gravity, or preprogramming. Most modern-day conveyor systems can be programmed to sort, lift, and even direct packages across horizontal or vertical distances.

While some conveyor machines operate on electricity, others operate without electricity. Such systems are operated either by gravity or a human operator, who handles the movement & functioning of the conveyor system.

Commonly Used Conveying Machines in the US Manufacturing & Production Units

We’ll briefly touch upon some of the commonly used conveyor machines in the US. But before that, it is essential to understand that a conveyor system is like your manufacturing/production unit’s nervous system. It assists with receiving, storing, handling, manufacturing, distributing, and shipping your materials & products.

Advantages of Using Conveyor Machines

The implementation of a conveyor system for transporting goods within a production/manufacturing unit has many benefits. Some of these advantages are listed below.

  • Introducing automation in the repetitive process allows for increased productivity & efficiency.
  • Careful handling & intelligent movement of products reduces the risk of damage to products and keeps them safe.
  • A reduced number of personnel responsible for moving & carrying products from one place to another makes way for ergonomic improvements.
  • It is easily scalable & highly flexible, and hence can be adjusted & customized according to any changes in needs.
  • Timely movement of goods & products allows for increased precision & decreased delays and product loss.

Select the Right Conveying Machine in the US

Knowing the right conveyor system that works for your set-up is the first step of the process. Consult with your conveyor machine supplier before making your investment. Installing the right equipment will have the following salient benefits for your organization.

  • Cost-effective in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Reliable, or in other words, the equipment is built to last.
  • Safe to operate.
  • Easily adaptable, according to the changes in the needs of the facility.
  • Energy-efficient.

Our Conveying Machines Services

Profile Solutions USA is one of the USA’s largest conveying machine suppliers. We’ve partnered with brands such as Productive Systems & our brand Profileflex Conveyors Automation to provide conveying machines in the US. Our services include providing clients with customized solutions to suit their needs.

While we mainly work with clients in the bottling industry, we offer a lot more than that. Our products have also found use in the food industry. Some of our services are listed here.

  • 100% flex-identical links from Profileflex Conveyors Automation can be used as add-ons, spare parts, or completely new projects.
  • Mat top conveyors from Profile Solutions.
  • High-quality airveyors, pallet conveyors, driven roller conveyors, and more from Productive Systems.
  • Wide range of modular belts from Hong that are suited for various applications.
  • New edition of side grip conveyors for transferring between conveyors.


With Productive Systems, we provide our clients with a range of solutions. Our services include machines for bagging, palletizing, airveyors, and lots of other bits & pieces for our client’s various needs.


Some of the conveyor machine services we offer our clients in the US include:

  • Conveyor systems
  • High-speed machines for palletizing
  • Airveyors for PET bottles
  • Various other special machines to cater clients’ individual needs.


Profile Solutions USA is a well-known conveyor machine supplier in the country. With our homegrown brand Profileflex Conveyors Automation, we’ve provided thousands of conveyor systems to our clients that have been in use since 2002. We also provide our clients with accessories, profiles & chains that are 100% interchangeable with industry leaders. & are available for more than 25% lower costs.

This makes our systems ideal for spares or add-ons for existing systems. We have also successfully provided our clients with complete systems. Some of our other services include:

  • High-quality modular conveyor systems
  • Spares & add-ons that are 100% identical to flex-links
  • Spare parts as well as complete conveyor systems
  • High-quality Dupont acetal resin that is used in the chains

Your Conveying Machines Supplier

Profile Solutions USA is your go-to Conveying Machines Supplier in the USA. With decades of experience & extensive expertise, we have the solution to all your automation needs.

Request a quote for your conveyor machine’s requirement. Visit our website or drop in a mail at for a detailed quote. You can also visit our offices at 68 Lancaster, Dr. Goonellabah, NSW 2480, or call us at 8777765325 for a consultation.