Conveying is about moving items from point to another. We offer many solutions.

  • Profileflex conveyors are 100% flex link identical and can be used for spare parts, additions and whole new projects. We mainly supply them for bottle transport but we can offer a lot more. Used in food as well. We have aluminium and stainless-steel systems.
  • Profile Solutions also makes mat top conveyors.
  • Productive Systems offer a high-quality airveyor for the transport of PET bottles.
  • Productive Systems also offer pallet conveyors, driven roller conveyors, storage conveyor systems. Learn more here.
  • Plus we have Hong’s massive range of modular belts for many applications.
  • Side griper conveyors for transferring between conveyors are a new edition.

Productive Systems – High speed bagging machines, Palletising, Airveyor and lots of other bits.

  • High speed bagging machines for plastic bottles.
  • High Speed Palletising machines.

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  • High Quality modular conveyor system.
  • 100% dimensioanlly identical to flexlink.

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