We offer a number of processes for labelling & decorating product.

  • In mold labelling IML High speed from Weisheng Automation, you can also assist with complete turnkey systems with molds and injection molders.
  • Shousong bottle sleeving machines up to 600 bottles per minute.
  • Taiwan advanced supplier of In mould labelling for blow and injection moulding.
  • Vision systems for checking IML products.

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  • High quality sleeving machine models from 80-600 bottles per minute.
  • Small to large containers.

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In-Mold Labelling & Decorating Machines

A label is an integral part of the final product. It identifies & distinguishes your product from hundreds others. In-mold labelling the bottles and containers is cleaner & is a cost-efficient solution as well. We offer various labelling & decorating options for all your product packaging needs.


Why are IML & IMD Gaining Popularity in the Manufacturing & Packaging Industry?

Our customers have acknowledged that implementing IML & IMD in their manufacturing is a very cost-efficient & efficient process for labeling their plastic containers. It is because in-mold labelling & designing removes the need for the complicated & expensive post-molding printing processes. Additionally, it also frees up much-needed space on the manufacturing floor.

Advantages of In-mold Labelling & Decorating Machines

There are several advantages to incorporating in-mold labelling & decorating machines in the manufacturing process rather than opting for post-manufacturing labeling processes. Some of them are listed below.

  • Eliminates labeling & decorating processes & costs because the labeling/decoration gets done in a single step
  • Enables the use of curved, flat & even 3D labels & graphics
  • Reduces the need for label inventory
  • Visually appealing & superior quality graphics production
  • Enables the application of labels & graphics on all surfaces of the container in a single step
  • Allows continuous transferring of images with high positioning tolerances
  • Allows provisions for a broad range of color palettes, textures, graphics & effects
  • Allows for a wide choice of look & feel options to choose from
  • Eliminate the use of adhesives since the labels and graphics get applied in a single step
  • Ease of quick changeovers of designs, even in the same runs
  • Durable & hygenic
  • Lack of delamination ensures the product security
  • In-mold labels are 100% recyclable & hence a very eco-friendly solution

Industry Applications of In-Mold Labelling in the USA

In-mold labelling & decorating machines in the USA are becoming a favorite of the manufacturers for their cost-effective, high-quality, durable & hygienic labeling. These machines are finding applications in various industries & across an extensive range of applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Consumer goods
  • Computer components
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Storage containers
  • Food packaging
  • Pails, cups, trays, tubs & containers
  • Appliances
  • Machine parts & components
  • Handheld devices
  • Medical devices
  • Garden equipment
  • Automobile components
  • Instrument panels
  • Plastic housing

Our In-Mold Labelling & In-Mold Designing Services

We provide a wide range of In-Mold Labelling solutions & In-Mold Design machinery in the USA. We’ve partnered with leaders in the industry to bring the best packaging labeling & designing technologies for our clients.

  • We offer IML High-Speed services from Weisheng Automation. We also assist with complete turnkey systems along with molds and injection molders.
  • We also offer bottle sleeving machines from Shanghai Shousong Package Machinery Co. Ltd. Our range of high-quality sleeving machines can sleeve 80 to 600 bottles per minute.

Weisheng Automation IML

Taiwan-based Weisheng Automation Co. Ltd. is a global industry leader in providing IML solutions & machinery to their clients. Weisheng Automation is an advanced supplier of in-mold labelling solutions for blow & injection mold machines & VNS Vision Systems for checking IML products.

Weisheng Automation not only designs & manufactures the IML machinery but also integrates the injection molding machines with the mold & labeling machines. They are well-known for their professional behavior & superior quality machinery. They are pioneers in the IML industry. Their machinery gets exported to countries such as China, New Zealand, Australia, Korea & more.

Profile Solutions USA is the official reseller & distributor of Weisheng Automation Co. Ltd. in the United States of America, Australia, Singapore & Canada.

Shanghai Shousong Package Machinery Co. Ltd.

As the name suggests, China-based Shanghai Shousong Package Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer based entirely on technological developments. The company focuses on developing & improving automated labeling devices. The company boasts of extensive experience & a high degree of expertise in labeling technology.


Shousong Machinery provides high-quality bottle sleeving machines that can sleeve 80 to 600 bottles in under a minute. Since 2006, the company has produced over a thousand high-quality machinery & clients scattered across the globe. The characteristics of these machines include complete stainless steel construction, high-quality components, steam & electric heating tunnels, and more, all at less than half the cost of a similar quality unit from Europe.

Profile Solutions USA is the official reseller & distributor of the Shanghai Shousong Package Machinery Co. Ltd. in the United States of America & Canada.

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