Automation is the process of mechanising a process with a form of automatic control.Sometimes processes are enhanced with further assistance given to people to make a process semi-automatic.

Profile Solutions has been in a lot of automation and made machinery besides leak testers plus many of our principals Profile Solutions has been involved with

  • Palletising use 6 axis robots and Sepro for palletising of bottles from a multiple machine.
  • Bung insertion machines for putting bungs/plugs into 15-30L chemical containers. 2 axis systems for single containers and 4 axis systems that deal with multiple container shapes.
  • Cooling tables
  • Multi-axis system dispensing and placement systems for disposable dust caps.
  • ASB robotic take-outs.

Productive Systems

    • Wadding / cap lining machines
    • 2–3-part assembly machines for caps and items like salt and pepper grinders
    • Bin part index storage systems for injection moulding.
    • Trimmers.
    • Unscramblers for caps and other products

Productive Systems – High speed bagging machines, Palletising, Airveyor and lots of other bits.

  • High speed bagging machines for plastic bottles.
  • High Speed Palletising machines.

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  • Profile Solutions made by us, world leading technology , exported to 37 countries since 1993.
  • Up to 18000 tests per hour on 1 head on very small bottles achieved.

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Plastic Automation Systems

Automation & robotic systems are widely used in plastic manufacturing. Manufacturers are introducing automation to make the production process more efficient & streamlined. Profile Solutions USA is a one-stop destination for plastic automation systems. These systems enhance the entire process & improve the standards & quality of the process.


Need for Automation in Manufacturing Processes

It is getting increasingly competitive in the manufacturing industry. And the need for efficiency is at an all-time high. And hence, there has been a significant rise in the demand for efficient, time-saving & sometimes complicated automation systems. Automating manufacturing processes boost productivity, generate savings in production costs, reduce waste generation, and improve the overall quality of manufactured goods.

Rise of Plastic Automation Systems

The plastics industry continues to make plastics & packaging materials more recyclable & reusable, and there has been a steady & rapid increase in the number of plastic manufacturers. With the steady growth in competition, if there is one thing that is certain, it is: “Automation is the future of the plastics manufacturing & packaging industry .” And as a testament to this fact, there has been a significant increase in manufacturers automating their processes. As labor rates continue to rise & the availability of certain skilled professionals remains scant, manufacturers are turning towards plastic automation systems for various reasons.

However, automating processes is a complex process & often a prominent investment. And therefore, manufacturers must entrust the automation process to experts with proven industry experience only.

Advantages of Introducing Plastic Automation Systems

High-speed & precision are two of the most buzz-worthy words in the manufacturing & production industry. Improvements with regard to automation have led to a speed up in the production as well as the overall quality of products. It is a common myth that automation systems are here to take away human jobs. However, that is not the case at all!

Automation, especially plastic automation systems, has several advantages over traditional ones. Some of the benefits are listed below.

The intention of the automation process is not to undermine manual operations. It is, however, a fact that automation enhances efficiency & quality while also boosting productivity & effectiveness of the entire production process.

Our Plastic Automation Systems Services

At Profile Solutions, we provide our clients with efficient plastic automation systems in the USA. Besides making leak-testing machinery, we also provide clients with automation systems. Some of our principal plastic automation solutions are

Palletizing Machinery

We provide our clients with 6-axis robots & Sepro for palletizing plastic bottles, using multiple machines.

Bung Insertion Machines

We provide our clients with bung insertion machines that effectively plug 15 L to 30 L chemical containers, using bungs & plugs. Our solutions include a 2-axis system to deal with single containers & a 4-axis system to deal with multiple containers & container shapes.

Cooling Tables

Cooling systems are an integral part of plastics manufacturing. We provide our clients with effective & cost-efficient cooling systems for their requirements.

Multi-axis dispensing & placement systems

We provide our clients with multi-axis dispensing systems & placement systems, for disposable dust caps. These systems are perfect for implementation in automated production lines.

ASB Robotic Take-outs

Our ASB Robotic Take-outs are highly sophisticated systems that enhance the injection molding process for our clients multifold times.

Productive Systems— Automatic Bottle Bagging System

With Productive Systems, we provide our clients with machinery & equipment for palletizing, high-speed bagging, Airveyor, conveyor systems, & several other functions. Some of the special machines we provide our clients with, for their plastic automation solutions include:

  • High-speed machines for bagging plastic bottles
  • Trimmers
  • Bin-part index storage systems needed for injection molding
  • Unscramblers for caps
  • 2-3 part assembly machines for salt & pepper grinders and bottle caps
  • Wadding machine for cap lining and more automation solutions

Profile Solutions— World-Leading Plastic Containers And Bottles Leak Testers, Multi-Head, Travelling Heads, Automation

Profile Solutions is a world-leading technology that has exported to over 37 countries, since its inception in 1993. With Profile Solutions, we provide our clients with container testing solutions for plastic containers ranging from 10 mL to up to 1000 L. Some of the automation solutions we offer include:

  • Our solutions have achieved up to 18000 tests within an hour on a single head, on very small bottles
  • Traveling head solutions for 1 to 4 heads up on over thirty five thousand bottles every hour
  • Inline machines with multi-heads and a host of other solutions

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